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Real Estate Investors

Whether you’re a new investor, or you’re looking to grow your portfolio, we have a variety of lending products to help you reach your investment goals.


We offer lending solutions to help you purchase any 1-4 unit, residential property in Texas. We have a wide network of Hard Money lenders, and we are constantly searching for the best terms and pricing to help you maximize profitability. We have a Cash-Flow, DSCR loan to purchase a rental property (with or without a current tenant). We have a Fix-And-Flip (if the home needs rehab), and a Fix-And-Hold (if you intend to rehab and then rent out the home).


We offer commercial lending on all asset types, anywhere in Texas. Our lender network includes the top 3000 commercial lenders nationwide, and we’ll search to find you the Top 20 lenders for your deal. If you’d like to work directly with lenders, we can introduce you. Or if you’d prefer that we arrange all the details of financing, we can help with that as well. Our partnership with our commercial mortgage broker team gives you access to a team with 25 years in the business. Please email your next scenario so that we can help you structure your next deal.


If you own a 1-4 unit residential property anywhere in Texas, you can take advantage of our HELOC to tap home equity. If the home is worth $500,000 and you owe $300,000 on the mortgage, then you have $100,000 tappable home equity (up to 80%). Use our HELOC to gain access to these funds, to use as your 20% down payment to buy a rental home.