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Avoid that $1400 loss


It takes 5 minutes of your time to avoid a $1400 loss. When you learn how to use our Pre-Approval Risk Assessment, you’ll reduce the risk of spending 40 hours of time helping a home buyer, only for their financing to fall through.

Every time a lender denies your buyer, you’re losing $1400 in take-home earnings (if your time is worth $50 per hour). At Mortgage On A Mission, we often have home buyers contact us after they’ve been denied by a lender. We know what common mistakes loan officers are making during pre-approval, because we see these mistakes, often when it’s too late for us to help them.

We’ve told our agents that send us buyers to start assessing the risk of their home buyer’s pre-approval early, and to be cautious if the risk is highWe thought we’d share what we know with you as well. Take a look at our Pre-Approval Risk Assessment. Print this out, and take it with you when you first meet with your buyers.

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