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Texas State Policy

We know that the Fair Housing Act has been a federal law for over 50 years, and yet discrimination continues to this day. We believe that by investing in consumer education, families across Texas will be more confident and able to find the best loans that meet their needs.

We hope to bring together lenders, real estate agents, academics, first time home buyers and discuss the lending process to provide recommendations to the Texas Legislature in January 2021 as to what state policy can do to improve fair housing.

When Texas families pay too much in interest, that is less spending at local businesses. The true cost of unfair lending is not something that impacts just some of us. We all pay a price when our neighbors have less money to spend in our communities. Keeping more of our money local will create opportunities for everyone. That’s why we seek to bring together policy proposals for how to take fair housing to the next level in Texas. Our preliminary findings are published below: