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If you’ve learned anything from Mortgage on a Mission, and if you believe that Texas should fight to end racial discrimination in lending, then we invite you to support our work.

We print thousands of Know Your Rights brochures to give out to the community, for free, and we also take time to educate the community about common-sense Texas legislation to protect borrowers.

Now that you Know Your Rights as a mortgage borrower, one way you can support our work is to talk to a loan officer with NXT Mortgage. You should talk to other lenders as well, but when NXT Mortgage is able to give you the best deal, your mortgage with them supports our work here at Mortgage on a Mission.

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What’s a Home Worth?

Want to know what your home is worth? NXT Mortgage can send you a report (for free) like the one below to help you get a better idea of a home’s value. The figures in the report are just an approximation and you should rely on your real estate agent and an appraiser to determine a home’s true value.