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Our Mission is Education

For Texas Home Buyers, their Agents, and our Communities

Our mission is “to support financial literacy for everyone in Texas, to provide honest mortgage advice and service to our clients, and to invest our profits for the next generation, through a Social Impact Fund.”

1.  Financial Literacy

We rely on our Realtor partners to help us fulfill the first part of our mission. We can only provide financial literacy to buyers and our communities with the help and support of our Realtor partners. We are affiliate supporters of the Greater Collin County Association of Realtors, and MetroTex Association of Realtors. We provide Continuing Education classes as a Texas REALTORs Certified Instructor through GCCAR, MetroTex, and at local Title Companies, for groups of 15-25. We provide 2 classes each month, helping us reach 500 Agents each year who will go on to share our training with the 5000 home buyers they will serve each year.

2.  Honest Mortgage Advice

We believe that Home Buyers want and need advisors, not sales people. That is why we encourage our Buyers to seek out the offers of other lenders, and we help them compare our offer against others. We believe in lending money only after our client has provided their Informed Consent, with full awareness of all the possibilities available to them. We are happy to negotiate with our lenders to seek lower interest rates for our clients. We answer our Home Buyer FAQs to provide support to buyers during this process.

We believe in making a Profit as a Small Business. We also believe that Mortgage Borrowers living in communities across Texas should decide how we are regulated by state and federal agencies. We believe the best profit is made with honesty, integrity, and trust. The Company has no external owners which require immediate results. We are looking forward to the next 20 years, not the next quarterly financial report.

3.  Social Impact Fund

Did you love our customer service? After you buy your new home, within 60 days, if you loved our customer service, please share us with 3 of your friends. Each of your friends who emails us within 60 days will trigger our $100 donation to charity. No need for them to do anything other than send us an email. And we won’t spam them either, it’s just nice to know that 3 people heard how great our service was. That’s it! It helps us keep our marketing costs low, which keeps our lender fees at $0.

In the First Quarter of 2023, the average mortgage lender actually did not make a profit. According to the Mortgage Banker Association, most mortgage banks lost $1,972 on each loan originated from January to March 2023. Our profits average about $300 per loan.

Fidelity Charitable has been hired to manage the Company’s Donor Advised Fund. We expect to be able to manage the fund at a cost of $150 annually, or less. We have financially supported the International Rescue Committee and the Texas Homeless Network in the past. In January 2024, we will announce more details about our Social Impact Fund managed by Fidelity Charitable, which will help fund new Green Spaces for K-12 children at public schools in North Texas. We are engaging in a search June – September for a 5-member Board of Advisors. If you would like to be on that Board, please email Ben Strube by September 10th.

4.   Loan Officers

Loan Officers who share our Mission are welcome to join us. We do ask that you have 5 years of full-time industry experience in loan originations. You will need to provide documentation of competency for each loan product that you wish to offer through us. You will need to pass an (open book) exam demonstrating full knowledge of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, and FHA investor guidelines. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please have a list of 10 past clients ready who can vouch for the quality of your work.