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How to Compare Lender Offers

Our Price Match Policy

At Mortgage On A Mission, I do not require a loan application to view our lenders rates and offers. We don’t require a credit inquiry, hard or soft. We do not ask for your email address. Our application fee is $0 (and not $500 like some lenders).

With our Best Price Guarantee, we believe the best price is the price you expected to pay. No surprises. View our pricing online any time, any day.

As for matching with another lender, consider the professional reputation of the lender. I will not match pricing with a lender who has been found guilty of illegal activity in a lawsuit. Or with a lender who has significant complaints to the federal government or to the Better Business Bureau. Lenders like these engage in bait-and-switch and also are charging you $500 upfront. We are paid $0 until we finish your loan successfully.

Understand the Lender’s Offer

You Should Know

What rate is the lender offering?
– What are the lender fees (Section A of their Loan Estimate. Page 2, top left).
– If the lender has not given you a Loan Estimate, ask them why not.
– Are you paying Mortgage Insurance?

Comparing with Our Lenders

– Find the same interest rate you are being offered by using our Rate Finder.

– Compare our lenders fees (shown as Closing Costs) to your other lender offer (their lender fees are shown in Section A of the Loan Estimate).

– Which lender is charging higher lender fees for the same interest rate?

– Lower lender fees may not be the lowest cost loan, if you will pay Mortgage Insurance. Ask us for a quote for PMI, because lenders with low fees may charge high PMI. Consider all costs before deciding. It’s your home. Take some time to learn. Watch our videos to understand the process, and work with a mortgage professional that you know and trust.