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Our Loan Programs

As a family-owned mortgage company, we have worked with people who come to us with a variety of personal and family needs.

We have served Single Mothers and Fathers needing to buy a new home for them and their children. We’ve helped couples who bought a home before getting married. We’ve worked with Home Buyers who had just made a career change, or who were self-employed.

If you have Student Loans, are not a US Citizen, or you are moving to Texas from another state, we have the mortgage experience that you are looking for. We provide financing through the FHA, VA, and Conventional programs, as well as Bank Statement and other lender portfolio programs.

Single Parents

We have helped single parents buy a new home and understand the various loan programs available to them. It’s not easy but it can be done. You might have questions like, “When will a lender allow me to rely on Child Support and/or Alimony to qualify for the loan?” or “Who can I ask to co-sign on the loan, or provide gift funds to help me with closing costs?”  We have helped single mothers and single fathers navigate these questions and more, and we can help you too.

Unmarried Couple

If you’re planning on buying a home, and are not currently married, you might be wondering if it’s better to get married before you buy. Maybe, maybe not. You have several options to consider, and you and your partner’s credit scores, income, debts, and especially debts owed to the federal government (taxes, student loans) all play a role in deciding which option will be right for you. Getting married now might make you ineligible for certain loan programs. So please call us so we can discuss the details of your unique situation.

New Career (or Job)

If you are thinking of switching careers, or if you have a new job offer in your current field, you’ll want to know how a change of employment could affect your eligibility for the mortgage. You might be surprised how quickly you can qualify for a loan after you take your new job, or even with just an Offer Letter in hand. If you plan on taking a new job, or if you’ve been accepted to a new job, call us so we can walk you through the steps to ensure lender approval for your new home loan.

Going Through Divorce

Divorce is complex. Owning real estate with another person, and having to decide what to do with that real estate, can be even more complex. You have options if you would like to sell the home, and use your portion of the Net Proceeds to buy a new home. And you have options if you want to consider a Cash-Out Refinance to pay out the portion of equity that you owe to your ex-spouse, to keep the home in your name. However you decide to proceed, we can help, whether you have a Divorce Decree yet or you are much sooner in the process.


If you do not receive a W2 for your work, or if you own more than 10% of the company that employs you, you are considered Self-Employed. Not all lenders are familiar with how to best serve your needs. We have helped many self-employed people buy a home. If you do not have 2 years of tax returns showing Schedule C income (or Corporate Tax Returns), then we can evaluate your most recent 12 or 24 months of bank statements instead. If you do have 2 years of tax returns, we will need a Year-To-Date Profit And Loss statement. Call us so we can go over these and other details with you.

Student Loans

If you’re like most college graduates, you have student loans. Yes, you can buy a home even if you have significant student loan debt. The Income-Based Repayment (IBR) programs will be a great fit for you. Please call us so that we can explain how to get ready. You’ll want to call us at least 6 months before you plan on buying, so that we can provide you with a consultation and a 6-month plan to become eligible for financing.

Not a US Citizen

We are proud to serve everyone who lives in our communities. Whether you have a Green Card as a Permanent Resident, if you have DACA status, or you are a Non-Permanent Resident (with a USCIS EAD card), we can help. We also have mortgage programs if you have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). The most important thing you can do as you prepare to buy your home is to make sure that your Work Authorization is not expiring in the next 6 months. Call us so we can help you make your homeownership plan.

Relocation to Texas

We work with many Realtors who help people moving from out of state. You probably have a lot of questions about Property Taxes, utilities, home insurance costs, and the many neighborhoods to choose from. As you consider relocating, you may also own a home in another state. Making the transition can be stressful, but we can answer your questions about whether a Bridge Loan could help make the move easier. A Bridge will allow you to buy your new home, before you sell your old home. We have other programs as well that may be superior to a bridge program, for those who qualify.