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Mortgage on a Mission is a worker-owned lender that believes Fair Housing is a Human Right. We are starting a part-time paid internship to teach the basics of mortgage lending. We have openings for 20 part-time interns to begin on a rolling basis. Our goal is for interns to earn $500 – $1000 per month.

At a time when over 20,000 people in Texas are homeless, when 600,000 Texans cannot find affordable housing, and mortgage lenders nationwide continue to charge minorities $700 million per year in discriminatory interest, we exist to advocate for working-class Texans.

Big Banks in the past have lobbied to reduce consumer protections intended to protect minorities. They have invested in private prisons that has fueled the mass incarceration crisis and child migrant detention. They fight against unions and worker dignity and the wage increases that we desperately need after decades of wage stagnation.

Mortgage on a Mission exists to give Progressives in Texas an alternative when buying a home or refinancing their mortgage. We advocate for public policy at the state level to end homelessness and protect the public from predatory lending. We have also created opportunities for young Progressives to earn fair wages by getting into the mortgage industry part-time. Your paid internship helps us raise more money for non-profits and political candidates fighting for what we care about.

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If you are like most Millennials, you probably have some student loan debt and maybe are having a hard time making the kind of income that you need. I get it. When I graduated college, I had quite a bit of student loans. Finding a good paying job was hard. My first job out of college was at Chase Bank, where I began doing mortgage lending. I needed the job but hated the fact that I was supporting a bank that did not share my values as a Progressive. So I quit, and set off to create Mortgage on a Mission.

I care about climate change, ending mass incarceration, protecting voting rights and strengthening our democracy, a $15 minimum wage, and universal health care. As someone living with juvenile diabetes, it was the Affordable Care Act that really saved me and my family by helping me get the life-saving insulin I needed. As someone with undocumented friends, the DACA program changed their lives and is something we must defend.

That’s why after finding a great job doing mortgages with an awesome, worker-run company (NXT Mortgage) I decided to create Mortgage on a Mission specifically for Progressives. I am launching this paid internship program for my friends who, like me, need to earn a living wage and who also care about Progressive issues and leaving this planet better than we found it, and our communities stronger than they are now.

– Ben Strube

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