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CE for Texas Agents


I’m Ben Strube, and I’m a Texas REALTORs Certified Instructor. My company is a CCAR and MetroTex affiliate.

After 8 years of mortgage originations work, answering Buyer and REALTOR questions, and after taking the GRI Finance and 30-hour Real Estate Finance classes, I now teach a 1-hour CE class that takes agent competency to the next level. My course goes over the commonly missed mortgage concepts (not discussed in earlier courses) that agents will need to build buyer confidence in their personal Real Estate Brand, during the initial Buyer Consultation.

Giving buyers trust in you, and building a 100% referral business, requires more than the minimum education required by TREC. For agents seeking to grow their 100% referral business, I teach private classes for Real Estate Teams in DFW.  I also partner with Title Companies in DFW. I teach via Zoom for Associations, Title, and Teams elsewhere in Texas.

Instructor Credentials

Before starting my Mortgage Company in 2020 and obtaining my State of Texas broker license (NMLS 2014212), I began my career at Chase Bank. I hold a bachelor’s degree from UT Tyler in Economics and Political Science. My Honors Research explored the Impact of Student Loan Debt on Millennial Home Ownership. As we plan for the next 10 years and 40 million Millennials buying a home, I hope to teach classes specific to this topic.

I’ve worked as a Senior Loan Originator, responsible for reviewing Junior Loan Officer Pre-Approval Letters for competency as well as training on Loan Origination technology and Underwriting guidelines, as well as meeting with Lender/Investor executives to negotiate preferred pricing for my clients (UWM, Cardinal Financial, Home Point, Caliber).

Prior to my mortgage work, I served as a Bill Archer Fellow at the United States Senate. Of everything I do as a Mortgage Company Owner, I would say I enjoy teaching Agents the most, breaking down difficult concepts in ways that make them accessible to agents (and their buyers). Teaching 300 agents a year helps me reach 3000+ buyers, far more than I could ever personally serve. And that’s my mission. When I teach, I share everything I know that might help an agent, because I personally want to help agents be the best they can be and honor the fiduciary duty and trust that buyers place in them.

Where I Teach in DFW

I teach private classes for Real Estate Teams of 15-20. If your brokerage owns a lender or shares rent with a lender, we will unfortunately need to decline the invitation to teach. For teams who are free to chose their lender, and receive office visitors to share education, we are happy to help you grow your business.

If you are an Agent with any of these companies, you’ll want to ask your Office Broker if they would like us to teach a CE class: Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Fathom, Ebby Halliday, Compass, RE/MAX, REAL, JPAR, or Compass.

I also teach for hire with local Title Companies twice a month (24 times each year). I reinvest my teaching fees ($2400) back into giving my borrowers a better experience. Our approved Title Companies include: FNF brands (Lawyer’s, Fidelity, Chicago, Commonwealth, Allegiance, Alamo), Old Republic, Stewart, Republic, Independence, Harbor Town, Clear Title, Texas Premier, Providence, Capital. Not on our list? Introduce yourself with an email!

Why Book A Class With Me?

It’s hard for REALTORs to keep up with so many changes to Mortgage Lending. And some newer agents might not be confident with Mortgage 101 concepts, either. The mortgage industry is ever-changing. The Classic FICO is being replaced by the FICO 10T algorithm within the next 2 years. Fannie and Freddie released a new LLPA Matrix in late 2022, with potential savings for Home Buyers with a 780+ FICO.

In the next decade, over 40 million Millennials will buy a home. Student loan debt remains a “phantom” barrier that REALTORs will need to understand as they serve thousands of potential buyers right here in DFW, in the coming decade. And Millennial financial literacy rates remaining historically low, making REALTORs more important than ever. We equip agents with the confidence they need to serve our local markets in DFW, especially when major changes happen in the mortgage market.

How to Setup a Class

Availability is limited to 2 classes each month. I recommend you email me to check availability. If you are a Team Leader, you can ask your favorite Title Company to host the class.

If you work in Business Development for your Title Company, email me 60 days prior to your desired class date. Plan on keeping your class size to 15-20 Agents. You’ll need a sponsor to provide $10 per CE credit hour, to pay Texas REALTORs to post with TREC, and a lunch sponsor. My instruction fee is a flat $100 for a 1 hour CE class, regardless of class size, when taught at a Title Company to add value to your brand. Fee is waived for July classes. I’m available to speak at class locations in Collin or Dallas Counties.

With questions and/or to book an event, please email me. You can download my Digital Card here.

Our TREC Approved Courses, provided by:

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“Help! My Buyer doesn’t want to get Pre-Approved yet”
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Future Class Topics
(Fall 2023 and Spring 2024)

Goodbye Classic FICO: Here Comes the 10T. What it Means for your Buyers.

Millennial Home Buyers, Student Loans, and Freddie Mac.

What Mortgage Brokers (Actually) Do