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Today’s Lender Offers

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Advantages of this Lender:

– Lower rates, if you are able to wait.
– You can affordably pay Discount Points to gain a lower rate.
– Lender is able to underwrite almost all loan types.
– Closing team is flexible with last-minute needs prior to closing.

Speed of Service:

– For refinancing, this lender takes about 45 days.
– For purchase, this lender takes about 30 days.

Do You Like Mortgage on A Mission?

– Are you finding a lower cost lender offer somewhere else?
– Our lenders can review other offers you’ve received in writing.
– If you want to work with us, we want to find a way to work with you.
– Contact us with the form below, and have your other lender’s official Loan Estimate ready to discuss.

Rate Finder Disclosure

– The Rate Finder results will show rates and lender fees for a 30-day lock period. All offers are for fixed rate loans.
– The Rate Finder will update lender pricing when lenders update pricing, which may happen daily or multiple times in one day in response to economic news.
– Only lender fees are displayed under Closing Costs, so keep in mind that additional non-lender fees may apply, including appraisal, title insurance, survey, recording fees.
– Non-lender fees are almost always the same between different lenders, since all lenders underwrite loans to the same basic guidelines and requirements.
– If you’re not sure what non-lender fees to expect, please contact us for a precise quote for your new loan.
– This Rate Finder is not intended for marketing purposes and is for educational use only.
– If you are paying, or will pay, mortgage insurance (less than 20% home equity), then you should also consider the cost of mortgage insurance, which varies from lender to lender, sometimes by as much as $50 per month. A lender with a higher rate, but with $50 in monthly savings for mortgage insurance, might be the better offer.
– An official Loan Estimate is available from this lender upon receipt of your loan application and credit inquiry.