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Planting Your First Veggie Garden

Making your first garden….. easier than you think! Click here for how to make yours in about an hour for just $50.

I live in Garland, and in my backyard, I grow a big garden. Since I order my seeds in bulk, I’ve always got plenty left over to give away. It’s better to spend double to buy 5000 Carrot Seeds than a Packet of 200, if you have friends that want to make their first garden too! 

I mail out about 100 free seed packets every 3 months (250-350 seeds each), with a blend of 5-7 different veggies so you can try a few things. Planting Instructions are down below, for each growing season. Happy gardening!

Helpful YouTubers
That Teach Gardening:

Charles Dowding, Epic Gardening, Huw Richards, and James Prigioni

Gardening Rules for Beginners:  Not all your seeds will make it, but still give them all a try, and if they fail, try again in a few months, and let Nature work at it’s own pace instead of asking it to rush to match yours!

If You Need Help

I’m not an expert gardener in any way! But email me or give me a call if you have a question….. or send me a picture of how your garden is growing!

972-299-3661 or Ben@MortgageMission.org


Make your $50 Garden. Let me get you the seeds you’ll need for a year of fresh food:

Spring 2023

Click here for Planting Instructions.

Approx. 350 seeds, $21 savings. 
Mailing out by January 10th.

Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Kale, 
Beets, Carrots, Dill,
Italian Red Dandelion

Summer 2023

Seed list is TBD. Coming Soon! Will mail out around April 1st 

Fall 2023

Seed list is TBD. Coming Soon! Will mail out around July 1st

Winter 2023

Seed list is TBD. Coming Soon! Will mail out around October 1st

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