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Get Out the Vote
Turn Dallas County Blue

Our Democratic GOTV effort at Mortgage on a Mission supports the 400+ Democratic Party precinct chairs in Dallas County. We support our precinct chairs by providing free bottled drinks and snacks for block walking events and phone banking.

Our mission is to serve the Democratic community, because when we as Democrats save money on our mortgages, we have more money to donate to help elect Democrats and Turn Texas Blue.

Due to Trump’s battle with China over trade negotiations, the stock market has dropped significantly, and mortgage rates have also fallen. In Texas, 700,000 people with a mortgage can now refinance and save 0.75% on their loan, saving over $200 per month. We estimate that 300,000 of these are Democrats. Helping Democrats refinance unleashes millions of dollars in our fight to flip Texas.

Mortgage on a Mission is the first and only Democratic mortgage in Texas. We hire Democrats, serve Democrats, and will be fundraising for Democratic and Progressive causes in 2020.

Proud Sponsor of the Dallas County
Democratic Party Labor Day Picnic

Let us know how we can support your precinct.
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