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America’s only fixed-fee,
commercial loan broker.

Commercial Mortgage Brokers charge a high 1% fee because they only close 25% of the deals they work.

GPARENCY charges half the fee because we close 80% of our deals. Smaller fee. Better for you, and better for us. 

CEO and Founder Ira Zlotowitz spent 15 years building Eastern Union Funding into a $4 billion a year commercial loan brokerage. And then he built GPARENCY:

The best of both worlds.

Go Lender Direct, or use a Broker.

I like to go Lender Direct.

You are in good company. 80% of commercial real estate deals do not use a Mortgage Broker. Because brokers charge high fees. If you like working with lenders directly, then GPARENCY is the right tool for you.

Since there are over 40,000 commercial lenders nationwide, it’s hard to know that you’ve found the right lender.  In fact, if you don’t compare at least 100 lenders, you are very likely overpaying by 0.125% on the rate. That’s tens of thousands of dollars overpaid. 

The GPARNECY AI system that we built (which cost us $15 million) keeps track of the Top 3000 lenders in the nation. We help you go direct to the lender that’s right for your deal. You shouldn’t pay a broker 1% when all you need is some help finding the right lender.

That’s why we charge $4500 to bring you the best lender Term Sheets, and help you connect with lenders direct. No commissions. No hidden costs.


I like to use a broker.”

GPARENCY doesn’t just have one service. We have all the broker services you need, and we serve 100% of commercial real estate players, from agents, GPs, LPs, lenders, and portfolio managers.

If you want to use a broker, our experienced team can help you with certainty of execution and lender negotiations. We are the only commercial loan broker that built a $15 million AI system that searches the nation’s Top 3000 lenders. At GPARENCY, because of our better tools, we can add the same value that your current broker offers for half the cost. We charge 0.50% at closing.

“Where can I learn more about GPARENCY?”

GPARENCY began in November 2021 when 125 commercial investors met and raised $15 million to create the platform. The founder, Ira Zlotowitz, left Eastern Union Funding (which he founded in 2001) to build GPARENCY. After his 13 year tenure at Freddie Mac, Ben Schweitzer now leads GPARENCY as Chief Product Officer.

After using GPARENCY to connect directly with the best lenders in the country, Axela Group CEO said, “I honestly did not expect to experience this level of aggressive terms, smart strategy, constant communication, and seamless closing for such a single, low, flat fee.” GPARENCY helped to place two deals for $41 million for student housing and charged $8000.

“Who is Mortgage On A Mission?”

Mortgage On A Mission is owned by Ben Strube, a residential mortgage broker licensed in Texas. Ben specializes in commercial deals ranging from $3-10 million for multifamily, mixed-use, retail, and office. For other deals, I will connect you to a Commercial Mortgage Broker at GPARENCY who will give you the specialized attention you deserve. I only take on a deal that I have certainty of execution. 

When GPARENCY reached out, I was impressed by their product offerings. My family-owned residential lending company’s mission has always been to connect borrowers to lenders in the most efficient and transparent way possible. Adding the commercial offerings from GPARENCY only made sense, with their vision to bring equitable access and transparency to the commercial real estate space.

Ben Strube is a Texas Realtor Certified Instructor and teaches CE for MetroTex and Collin County Associations of Realtors, as well as the Austin Board of Realtors. Learn more about Mortgage On A Mission and our services for residential investors and home buyers.


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