Doing the Most Good

At Mortgage On A Mission, we believe the small choices we make add up, and when we work together, we can truly make a difference. Because we want to support local communities, we only hire Texans to help other Texans. We want to make sure that our work does the most good, and that’s why with our Best Price Guarantee, our lender pricing is public, 24/7. With every loan we complete, we also take a moment to count our blessings, plant 100 new trees, and help everyone in Texas find a place to call home. 

We are hiring our first class of Junior Loan Officers. Help us as we grow our team!

In February and March, ask your friends to contact us for a custom refinance quote. If their current rate is over 4.00%, we’ll donate $50 to the Texas Homeless Network, just for showing your friend their refinance cost and benefit. No hard credit inquiry needed. No need to complete the loan with us. Limit 10 per month.

Have a friend buying a home? We will also donate $50 when they ask us for a Pre-Approval letter and when they put an offer on a home within 60 days (even if they don’t end up working with us). Limit 10 per month.

Respect People’s Time

Our Best Price Guarantee shows our lender pricing 24/7, without asking for your email address, without a Social Security Number, and with no application required. Less than 5% of mortgage brokers display pricing online, and we are proud to be among these few. Mortgage On A Mission is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. If you ever have a complaint regarding our services, we will resolve your complaint. As a small business, we value our reputation and we rely on your client’s satisfaction.

Help Our Community

Big Banks charge high rates and high fees, and then donate 2% of profit to charity. We think it’s better to offer lower rates, and donate $100 to charity with every loan we complete.

In 2021, we continue our support of the Texas Homeless Network, which helps families experiencing homelessness. We are also proud to begin supporting the Forests for Monarchs this year, which in the past 24 years has planted over 9,500,000 new trees to help save the Monarch butterfly.

Get Paid for Good Work

We charge no application fees, and we don’t recommend working with a lender who does. Lenders charging $500 fees upfront are often not in the people business. They’re in the mortgage profit business. If we believe the loan you are considering is not right for you, we will tell you. We seek to give the best advice, even if it means not doing your loan, and we appreciate your referral of friends and neighbors.

Housing is a Human Right

In 2020, you helped us donate over $2500 to the Texas Homeless Network, an organization that believes Texans can and will end homelessness together. Over 25,000 Texans experience homelessness, and we remember that after 2008, many families lost their home to an illegal foreclosure and had nowhere else to go. We believe that everyone deserves a place to call home, and that each of us can do our small part to help out. Especially us in the mortgage industry.

Forests for Monarchs 

We help plant 100 new trees, with every mortgage we complete. We donate to La Cruz Habitat Protection Project, which protects the winter habitat of the Monarch butterfly in Michoacan, Mexico. Planting trees helps protect watersheds, clean water, protect against erosion, and create new homes for wildlife, including the Monarch butterfly as it migrates from Mexico, through the United States and into Canada, and back again.

Want to Help?

Looking to join a great team? Learn how you can help us do the most good for our Texas communities as a Junior Loan Officer. Every few months, we have a new training class, bringing 3-4 new people into our industry. Earn $20,000 working part time, helping more Texas families find the best mortgage possible.

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