Our Social Impact Mission

Because Mortgage On A Mission is a small business, and we don’t have outside owners or investors, we are free to pursue goals other than maximizing our profitability. As a company with a social impact mission, our goals are to:

1) Educate our clients about the details of their home financing, to help them avoid high-cost loans and get the highest quality customer service.

2) Give mortgage professionals a welcoming work environment for them to do high-quality work, free from sales quotas and free to give clients the best advice, even when that means telling someone not to refinance, or to wait to buy a home.

3) Our third goal as a social impact business is to offer our clients the best, transparent pricing for their mortgage while also finding ways to support the work of non-profits and unions in Texas fighting to make quality housing, healthcare, and education more equitable and available to all.

Respect People’s Time

Our Best Price Guarantee shows our lender pricing 24/7. Not enough home buyers are comparing lender offers, so we hope to educate the public about the need to compare offers. When a Texas family pays too much for their loan, that’s less money available to good in our communities. Mortgage On A Mission is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. If you ever have a complaint regarding our services, we will resolve your complaint. As a small business, we value our reputation and we rely on your client’s satisfaction.

Help Our Community

Big Banks charge high rates and high fees, and then donate 2% of profit to charity. We think it’s better to offer lower rates, and donate $100 to charity with every loan we complete. In 2021, we continue our support of the Texas Homeless Network, which helps families experiencing homelessness.

Get Paid for Good Work

We charge no application fees, and we don’t recommend working with a lender who does. If we believe the loan you are considering is not right for you, we will tell you.

We’re not a bank, so we don’t have sales quotas to reach. We can and will give you the best advice, and we appreciate your referral of friends and neighbors.

Housing is a Human Right

In 2020, you helped us donate over $2500 to the Texas Homeless Network, an organization that believes Texans can and will end homelessness together. Over 25,000 Texans experience homelessness, and we remember that after 2008, many families lost their home to an illegal foreclosure and had nowhere else to go. We believe that everyone deserves a place to call home, and that each of us can do our small part to help out. Especially us in the mortgage industry.