Buying a Home with Ben Strube

I was 18 when the Great Recession happened. I remember I was working as a cashier at a grocery store in East Texas. Times were tough. A few years later, I would go to college, thanks to the Pell Grant, and study Economics and Political Science to understand better what had happened in my community, and across the country. To understand why so many people lost their homes. Why lenders approved these loans.

I worked very briefly for one of the Big Banks. I left with the hope to find a place that I could do quality work for people in my community. I wanted to give people the best advice, not just make a sale and close a loan I did not always believe was best for them. I created Mortgage On A Mission with this belief: helping you understand your options, and make informed choices, is what lenders should be doing. The reason I am a broker, and not a banker, is that they are not.

Mortgage On A Mission is a mortgage broker, one of thousands of small companies nationwide who consult home buyers and owners on the best lender offer for their needs. Unlike retail banks, we have access to a variety of lenders, each with slightly different loan types and offers for you. We are paid by our lenders, but we work for you. Today about 20% of mortgages go through a broker, saving home owners time when comparing lender offers, and often saving money by finding lower rates and fees.

Mortgage On A Mission is a member of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and believe in helping the public know the quality of service they can expect upfront. Our analysis of mortgage bond data is provided by Mortgage News Daily. We are a supporter of the Texas Homeless Network with our Doing the Most Good program. Our lender pricing is published to our site daily as part of our Best Price Guarantee. We do not charge an application fee and are paid only if we successfully complete your loan. We appreciate your referrals of friends and neighbors!

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