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We are Progressive.
Our mortgage should be, too.

Mortgage on a Mission believes in the power of ordinary people to rebuild our democracy in Texas. At a time when corporations are dumping billions of dollars to silence our voices, we believe in empowering Texas Democrats by helping our community understand financial literacy. When we save money, we have more to donate to our grassroots candidates, more for our families, and more for our neighborhoods.

Proud Sponsor of the
Dallas Democratic Party

This past Labor Day, Ben Strube sponsored a booth with the Dallas Democratic Party to support our local candidates, our precinct chairs, and our community. The turnout was great and it was so nice to see so many of you! We are looking for many more opportunities to donate money to Democratic events and candidates as an event sponsor, so please keep us in mind for any future events (ben.strube@nxtmortgage.com).

We have let Republicans completely take over a critical part of our financial lives: borrowing money to buy a home. We as Democrats need loans, too! But every time we buy a house we are actually putting money into Republicans hands.

In 2018 we estimate that over 120,000 Democrats bought a home with a mortgage (40% of all homes). Many of us probably went to Republican-owned companies, where workers do not have unions and where customers are treated as engines of profit and not as human beings deserving of honest advice. I would know. I used to work for one until I couldn’t take it any more.

These 120,000 loans that we as Democrats took on last year created $500 of profit each for the lender. That’s just the industry average. So in other words, we pumped $60 million of profit into mortgage companies in 2018. So how much of that actually helped Democrats, and how much helped Republicans? Democrats in Texas spent $95 million on the last election cycle, around $35 million less than the Republicans. If we are to Turn Texas Blue, we need to turn our mortgages Blue as well. Stop giving them profits, and redirect that profit to our party.

Young Democrats have so much promise and so much potential. We need jobs, we need relief from student loan debt, we need health care. Help us recruit, hire, and train young Democrats to become mortgage loan officers. Your loan with us prevents profit from going to Republicans, it ensures that you get the lowest cost loan so you can donate more, and it helps us give good paying jobs to Democrats. Help us put our Mortgage on a Mission.

– Ben Strube

If you are a Democrat,
please refinance your mortgage.

10 million Americans are now eligible to reduce their mortgage rate by 0.75% or more (as of August 2019). This is because the stock market has fallen dramatically, in large part because of Trump and the Chinese trade negotiations going so poorly. Sooo much winning!

Of the 10 million Americans who can refinance, 700,000 are in Texas. We estimate that 300,000 are Democrats. Let’s break that down: if you are in a room with 25 Democrats who have a mortgage, 5 should be refinancing. To learn more about refinancing, you can visit our online guide:

Mortgage On A Mission

We are leading the effort to turn our Democratic Mortgages Blue in Texas so that we all have more money to support our Democratic candidates. With 300,000 Democrats eligible to refinance right now, lenders will make around $150 million in profit from these loans. And with around 120,000 Democrats buying houses in 2020 with a mortgage, that’s another $60 million in profit. Let’s keep some of that money within our community. Mortgage On A Mission is a worker-run, Democrat-led cause to defend fair housing, end racial discrimination, and give power back to the people.

Supporting the causes
we care about as Progressives

Earlier this year, Ben Strube and his partner Tino Jaramillo donated $1000 to the International Rescue Committee to help refugee families moving to Dallas, Texas. We believe in a community that is welcoming and inclusive, diverse, and that celebrates all cultures. We fight for a world where there is no more war, where we invest our taxes into public schools, health care, and the working-class, not into the military-industrial complex. Until we can change public policy as Democrats, we cannot forget the very real needs of communities being impacted by this administration. Read more about what inspired this project: