Ben Strube

Thanks to the Pell Grant, while working as a restaurant waiter, I enrolled in college at the University of Texas at Tyler. After searching for a career path for the first few semesters, I got to meet several amazing professors who convinced me to graduate with a degree in Economics and Political Science.

As a homeschooled kid, it was difficult at first managing the never-ending cycle of lectures, quizzes, exams, and research papers. To make things a little more difficult, for many years I was unable to gain health insurance, due to my “pre-existing condition” of diabetes, requiring four insulin injections each day since age 13 (over 20,000 now). Because of the charitable organizations in my community (like PATH), I got the medicine I needed to graduate from college. My neighbors did not let me go without. A tremendous thank you! I try to bring the generosity of my community into the work that I do today.


Returning to Texas after an internship at the United States Senate, I graduated, and my first professional job was at Chase Bank as a mortgage originator. After several years of working for other lenders, in September 2020 I created Grameen Mortgage LLC (“Mortgage On A Mission”). We are one of the 10,000+ small, locally-owned mortgage brokerages across America who work within and for our local communities. Grameen means Village, and every time I see the name of my company on a quality mortgage loan, I’m reminded of why I started this company: to be a place to serve the needs of everyone in our community, because however far apart we may live, we are all neighbors.


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