Ben Strube 
NMLS License 1541555


My name’s Ben Strube, and I’m the owner of Mortgage On A Mission. My company is a mortgage broker (one of about 10,000 nationwide). I am licensed in the State of Texas to serve Texas borrowers looking to buy a home or refinance.

My company can help you compare loan options from the following lenders in our network: Caliber Home Loans, United Wholesale Mortgage, Cardinal Financial, Home Point Financial, PRMG, and Franklin American. My relationship with these lenders is not an endorsement of them, or by them. There are other lenders that I chose not to refer my clients to.

Why Work with a Broker (instead of a lender directly)?

Working with a broker can help you save time.
 You can, and should, comparison shop multiple lenders. Banks often charge high fees, and in fact most home buyers do not work with a bank. Over 68% of people who took out a mortgage in 2020 worked with a non-bank lender. Because of the mortgage broker’s experience in the industry and knowledge of lender capabilities, a broker can help you quickly identify the best lenders to consider working with, and compare lenders without needing to fill out 5 loan applications and have your credit pulled 5 different times.

Working with a broker may mean you receive higher quality customer service. I work with every one of my clients, from initial application, providing a Pre-Approval letter, through underwriting and the closing day, and beyond. With most lenders, you’ll work with a Loan Officer who sells only that one lender’s offerings and is unable to help you compare multiple lender offers. You’ll likely have many different people emailing you, asking for things, and it can get confusing very easily. You may be working with someone who is not even licensed, or is very new to the industry.

Working with us means you value honesty and integrity in business. I am proud of my company’s Better Business Bureau accreditation and our past client reviews. I want your lifetime business and referrals, meaning if I feel we don’t have the best loan for you, I’ll be sure to mention that as your advisor (the best Down Payment Assistance program in Texas, by the way, is not available through brokers but is offered by TSAHC. You should visit TSAHC to learn more).

Some brokers (like us) may provide reassurance to you, with an Insured Pre-Qualification Letter. Buying a home involves a lot of uncertainty. Working with us can help you eliminate some of that uncertainty. If you are a first time home buyer, are self-employed, have a student loan, and/or plan to bring a 3-5% down payment, we may be willing to offer to you an Insured Pre-Qualification Letter. This means that we will reimburse you for certain costs (up to $5000) if you follow all of our instructions and are still denied by the lender later on. Please read our full terms and conditions here. If you want more certainty and confidence as you buy your new home, a professional broker that offers this service can certainly help.

Your real estate agent has more support, when we’re on your team. We are the only mortgage company in Texas that offers a full day, online Continuing Education course approved for Texas real estate agents. Our course can educate your agent about the finer details of what lenders and brokers do. If your agent has not yet taken our course, they can enroll and complete the course in a single day to better prepare to serve you. And finally, I am proud to financially support the Texas Homeless Network, because I believe everyone deserves a place to call home. I look forward to working for you. You can schedule time on my calendar below.