Ben Strube     972-299-3661   NMLS License 1541555


Hi there. My name’s Ben Strube. I’m the owner of Mortgage On A Mission. My company is a mortgage broker, meaning we are licensed to serve borrowers across our state (like the other 10,000 small mortgage brokers across the nation). I help home buyers (and owners) compare multiple lender offers on a variety of factors, including their price, underwriting competence, and ability to approve quickly.

It takes time, knowledge, and experience to know which lender is qualified to help you with your unique home purchase or refinance situation. Sometimes going with a lender with the lowest rate is a great idea, and I can help you do that. Other times, it’s not wise to accept the lowest bid, depending on what unique situation you may have (and the unique underwriting that you require).

Working with a broker helps you save time, because of the broker’s experience in the industry and knowledge of which lenders have excellent pricing, and what lenders have issues with quality of service and on approving quickly. I work with every one of my clients, from initial application through underwriting and the closing day, and beyond. With most companies, you’ll work with a Loan Officer, then a Loan Processor, and probably not get to talk with the person who owns the business.

I am proud of our Better Business Bureau accreditation and our past client reviews. Because I’m the owner of the company, if I know that I do not have the best loan for you, I will bring this to your attention. I want your lifetime business, not just one more loan to reach a monthly sales quota (by the way, the best Down Payment Assistance program in Texas is not available through brokers but is offered by TSAHC. You should visit TSAHC to learn more if you need help coming up with a 3-5% down payment).

We are the only mortgage company in Texas approved to offer a full day, online Continuing Education course to Texas real estate agents. I’m proud of the Texas agents who take the time to study and become knowledgeable about the finer details of the work that mortgage lenders (and brokers) do to help home buyers. I’m proud to also financially support the Texas Homeless Network, thanks to our clients supporting our work.

My company can help you compare offers from the following lenders that we work with (as of 9/25/21): Caliber Home Loans, United Wholesale Mortgage, Cardinal Financial, Home Point Financial, PRMG, and Franklin American. Our affiliation with these lenders is not an endorsement of them, or by them. There are many other lenders that we could work with but chose not to, either because 1) they have nothing extra to offer our clients or 2) they do not meet our expectations for quality or community service. Our broker fee is paid by our lenders, in compliance with federal and state law. If you are looking for a consultant and advisor to help with your next home loan, instead of a Loan Officer paid on commissions and quotas, then welcome to Mortgage On A Mission. I look forward to working for you. You can schedule time on my calendar below.